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Knowing crucial information about an attraction can help you plan a hassle-free visit. It will save you time at the right places and help you explore more. 

The Tower of London is no different. Besides knowing the best time, tour duration, and how to reach it, visitors often need to check the attraction’s layout. So, the Tower of London Map will come in handy!

The Tower of London maps are crucial to planning a smooth visit, especially given the size of the attractions. 

From Crown Jewels and Beefeater tours to the numerous souvenir shops inside the castle, the Tower of London Map will help visitors prepare for all the fantastic things within the castle. 

A Tower of London ticket may get you access to the castle, but you still need to know your way around the map of the Tower of London grounds.

So, let’s look closely at the Tower of London map to see what you should ensure.

Where is the Tower of London on a map?

Before checking the Tower of London site map, let’s first know where is the Tower of London located on a map. 

The Tower of London lies in the heart of the city. The historic castle is on the north bank of the River Thames in Central London. 

It’s precise address is London EC3N 4AB, London. But check the Google Tower of London location map for clarity and better navigation.

The Tower of London Google Maps also serves as a map of the area around the Tower of London.

Particulars Details
AddressLondon EC3N 4AB, London
Google map LocationTower of London

Now, let’s get into the next section to understand the map of Tower of London areas.

Tower of London Palace map

Tower of London Map
Image: Vacatis.com

The Tower of London is spread over 12 acres. In fact, it is spread a further 6 acres around the Tower of London, constituting the Tower Liberties. 

It means that this land is under the direct influence of the castle and is used for military reasons.

The Castle has expanded significantly since the foundation of its White Tower in 1066.

Thus, the Tower of London has several “wards” or enclosures. There are three wards, to be precise. 

These are Innermost Ward, Inner Ward, and Outer Ward.

The Innermost Ward contains the White Tower. This part of the castle contains structures from its earliest phase.

It encloses an area immediately south of the White Tower, stretching to what was once the edge of the River Thames. 

A protective ditch originally surrounded the tower’s Innermost Ward which is called the Tower of London moat. 

Authorities later filled it. They also demolished the Jewel House, and moved its contents to the Martin Tower. 

If you want to know more about such Tower of London historical facts, read its history and interesting trivia.

Encircling the Innermost Ward to the north, east, and west is the inner ward. This was mostly built during the reign of Richard I. 

It contains famous structures such as the Bloody Tower and Wakefield Tower. Along with this, there are a total of 13 towers along the Curtain wall created by the wall of the Innermost Ward. 

Visitors can also explore the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula. The St Peter ad Vincula burials are one of the popular points of attraction. 

The church is the burial place of some of the famous prisoners, such as Queen Anne Boleyn and Queen Catherine Howard. 

Finally, the Outer Ward encompassed the castle and was built by Edward I.

As you enter and go straight, you will see the Medieval Palace. Opposite to this, you will find a place called Torture at the Tower.

Visitors will find toilet facilities at multiple locations inside the castle. One such area is in the extreme opposite of the entry gate near the Royal Beats area.

There are multiple Tower of London Stores as well. Check out the map of area around the Tower of London. Make sure to browse all of these and buy a perfect souvenir. 

If you want more clarity regarding the layout of the palace, then check out the Tower of London map pdf

You can download the Tower of London map pdf to find your way inside the castle. 

It has everything and will serve as the Tower of London Entrance map too. 

However, if you book Tower of London guided tour, an expert guide will reveal all the secrets these old castle walls have witnessed. 

We recommend all visitors book Tower of London tickets online in advance to avoid the hassle of standing in long lines.

Online tickets are the antidote to the anxiety of not getting a ticket altogether. 

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Tower of London parking map

There are plenty of ways to reach the enigmatic Tower of London. It is well connected to various public transport. 

However, many choose to drive to the attraction. If you are one of those, then knowing about the Tower of London parking facility is highly crucial for you. 

Visitors looking to drive to the Tower of London must know that this is under a vehicle-free zone. You can’t drive or park there. 

Thus, there is no parking facility at the Tower of London. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a parking facility if you want to drive yourself. 

There is plenty of parking near the Tower of London. Some of the popular options include the Tower Hill Coach and Car Park, Minories Car Park, and more. 

To know things in more detail, read Tower of London parking for more information.


What is inside Tower of London?

The Tower of London is one of the most popular attractions of London. It was built in 1066 and encapsulated a big chunk of British history. 

Visitors can buy a ticket to access the various structures, such as the famous White Tower, Bloody Tower, Jewel Room, and much more. 

You can also refer to the Tower of London Map to know better what is located where.

How many towers of London are there? 

The Tower of London gets its name from the White Tower, which was built in 1066, the oldest structure inside the Tower of London. 

There are a total of 21 towers. All of these are spread in different areas of the Tower of London. 

To get your bearings and know where what is, you can refer to the Tower of London map. 

And when you ar done go through Tower of London Sights to know what to expect at these locations.

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