Tower of London Guided Tours

A tour of the Tower of London is an experience filled with wonder, mystery, beauty and even a little horror.

This tourist attraction is a royal residence, a political prison, a royal mint, a royal armory and most importantly, a place of execution. Know in detail.

To make the most of your visit, consider opting for one of the Tower of London guided tours, tailored to various preferences and interests.

Choosing the Right Guided Tour of Tower of London

The Tower of London guided tours ensure you comprehend the Tower’s significance as you move through the Fortress’ hallways.

To ensure an enriching experience, selecting the tour that aligns with your interests and time constraints is crucial.

From a group tour led by expert guides to a private guided tour of Tower of London tailored to your pace, are available to cater to diverse preferences.

You also get to learn more about the Tower’s intricate history and fascinating lore through Tower of London tour guides. Know facts about the Tower of London.

You don’t need to print any smartphone tickets for the guided tours.

The tickets are emailed to you after purchase, and you can enter the premises by presenting the ticket on your mobile device on the day of your visit.

Here are the factors to consider while booking your Tower of London guided tour tickets.

Tower of London Guided Tour Length

To optimize your visit, be mindful of the Tower of London guided tour length and timing.

Guided tour of Tower of London typically varies in length, ranging from one to two hours.

Check the schedule and plan accordingly to accommodate other attractions in your itinerary.

Timings for guided tours may differ, so it’s advisable to book in advance and arrive a little early to ensure a seamless start to your exploration.

Tower of London Guided TourDuration
Early Access Tower of London with Beefeater Tour75 minutes
Tower of London Guided Private Tour3 hours 
Tower of London Small Group Tour with a Local Expert2-3 hours

Tower of London Self-Guided Tour

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace or have a knack for independent exploration, the Tower of London offers self-guided tour options.

Armed with informative maps and audio guides, visitors can navigate the historic grounds at their own pace with these Tower of london self guided tours.

Private Guided Tour of Tower of London

With a private tour of Tower of London, you can set the pace of your exploration.

Spend more time in areas that captivate you and move swiftly through those of less interest, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience.

A private guided tour ensures you have the undivided attention of your guide. Enjoy the luxury of asking questions and engaging in meaningful conversations with your guide.

Private Tower of London guided tours come with skip-the-line privileges, allowing you to bypass queues and maximize your time at the Tower.

So, choose your tailored Tower of London Private Guided tour and enjoy a personalized, skip-the-line adventure through the Tower of London.

Meet the ravens protecting the Tower along the journey, and explore must-see locations and their hidden truths.

The tour includes the White Tower and the Jewel House, whose entry ticket is included in your package.

This tour also includes watching the Tower Bridge from afar. 

Are you curious about which popular Bridge in London is better? Check out Tower Bridge vs London Bridge to know more.

Best Guided Tour of Tower of London

The guided tour options for the Tower of London may seem overwhelming when planning your visit to the attraction.

We’ve carefully selected top-notch Tower of London guided tours that promise to make your journey extraordinary.

Tower of London Early Access Tour with Beefeater

Explore the iconic Tower of London with an exclusive early access tour accompanied by one of the legendary Beefeater guardsmen.

This 75-minute guided experience provides a unique opportunity to witness the Crown Jewels before the crowds arrive.

Delve into the history of the Royal Palace and castle, learning about the Yeoman Warders and their role in guarding the Crown Jewels.

Travel back in time to witness the trial site of Guy Fawkes and witness the orbs, swords, rings, crowns, and scepters used in royal ceremonies.

What’s Included in the Tower of London Beefeater Tour

  • Tower of London early access entry ticket
  • Knowledgeable Tower of london tour guides
  • Audience with a Beefeater Guard, offering a unique perspective on the traditions and stories of the Tower

Things to Know

  • The duration of the tour is 75 minutes
  • The meeting point is 8-12 Tower Hill, London EC3N 4EE, UK. Locate it on the map!
  • The starting time of the tour is 8.30 am
  • Full refund available if canceled up to 24 hours in advance
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes; rain gear recommended
  • Not suitable for people with mobility impairments or wheelchair users

Tower of London Guided Tour Tickets Price

Age GroupPrice (£)
Adult (15 years and above)£72
Children  (5-14 years)£67
Infant ( 4 and younger)Free

Parts of the Yeoman Warder tour may scare young children.

If you want one-on-one or perhaps a guided tour with a small group of friends and family, you can buy the special Tower of London tour with a private audience with Beefeater.

Tower of London Small Group Guided Tour

In this tour, your group, be it a group of friends or family, can bypass the long queues at the Tower of London’s entrance and get uninterrupted time to view the Crown Jewels.

You then get to enjoy your trip in a small group with a knowledgeable tour guide, one of the fabled Beefeater guardsmen.

After the one-hour guided tour, you can explore for as long as you want.

There’s no time limit to this famous tourist attraction in London, so if you want to go revisit a place, you are most welcome to do so.

What’s Included in the Small Group Tower of London Guided Tour

  • Entrances to the Tower of London
  • Private tour with a local expert, James Hart
  • Individual attention with a maximum of 15 travelers
  • Coffee/tea during the tour

Things to Know

  • Get James Hart, experienced “Blue Badge” tourist guide.
  • Maximum 15 travelers for personalized attention.
  • Duration is a 3-hour tour of the Tower of London.
  • Full refund up to 24 hours before; no refund for <24 hours.
  • Meeting Point: Sundial at Tower Hill, London EC3N 2LY, UK. Get Directions!

Small Tour Tower of London Guided Tour Tickets Cost

Age GroupPrice 
Adult (15-64 years)£130
Senior (65 years and above)£125
Child (1-14 years)£120

 If you are here with your family, enjoy a kid-focused private guided tour to enjoy the Tower of London.

This tour just entertains the kids with stories from London’s rich history.

Walking Tour of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge

On this personalized walking tour, see two of London’s most well-known attractions. 

You will tour the popular Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval fortifications in the center of London city.

This tour will be under the supervision and guidance of a knowledgeable guide specializing in art history.

This tour will also include tickets to the Jewel House and White Tower.

What’s Included in this Tower of London Combo

  • Private tour led by professional Tower of London tour guides
  • Visit the Jewel House, White Tower, and Chapel of St John at the Tower of London.
  • Panoramic views from the towers of Tower Bridge.
  • Customize the tour to suit your interests.
  • Enjoy privileged, personalized attention from your guide.

Things to Know

  • The meeting point is the Tower of London (Stop TB)
  • The tour concludes at Tower Bridge.
  • The tour departs daily at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
  • Confirmation is received at the time of booking.
  • The tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible.
  • Cancellation is free up to 24 hours in advance.

Walking Tower of London Guided Tour Tickets Price

Age GroupPrice
Adult (16 years and above)£553
Child (6 -15 years)£80

Tower of London, Westminster Abbey & Changing of the Guard

If you want to experience the highlights of London but don’t have much time, this tour of London is ideal for you.

During this eight-hour guided walking tour of London’s main sights, including a visit to Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, you see all the views sights.

You can also take a gorgeous Thames river cruise, traverse Tower Bridge, and witness the Changing of the Guard ritual.

The sights, sounds and stories of one of the most amazing cities in the world may all be experienced on this tour.

What’s Included in this combo ticket for Tower of London:

  • Skip-the-line tickets for Westminster Abbey
  • Skip-the-line tickets for the Tower of London
  • Thames River Cruise
  • Expert guide with provided headsets for a more personal experience

Things to Know:

  • The tour lasts approximately 8 hours.
  • Meeting point at the Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square
  • Tour concludes at 35 Tower Hill
  • The tour involves walking, and guests should have a moderate physical fitness level.
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

Ticket Prices for this combo ticket:

Age GroupPrice
Adult (15 years and above)£147
Child (2-14 years)£137
Infant (0-1 year)Free

Ghastly Ghosts Tour

From the Tower of London, take a spine-tingling stroll to one of the oldest churches in London, St. Paul’s.

On this 2-hour tour of London, sneak through the shadowy streets while learning terrifying tales of the ghosts, specters and goblins that prowl the city’s dark alleys at night. 

In these modern times, it is quite challenging to grasp the whole scope of London’s haunting past. 

So, your guide will enthrall you with historic real-life tales of ghosts, terrible crimes and unsolved murders.

What’s Included in the Ghastly Ghosts Tour of London

  • Knowledgeable local guide to lead you through the haunted streets
  • Tips and gratuities for a seamless experience
  • A journey from the Tower of London to St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Explore one of the oldest churches in London, All Hallows by the Tower

Things to Know

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Language: English
  • Meeting point: All Hallows by-the-Tower, Byward Street, London EC3R 5BJ
  • The tour takes place after dusk, adding an extra layer of spookiness
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund
  • Flexible booking: Reserve now and pay later

Tower of London Guided Tour Tickets Price for Ghastly Ghosts Tour

Age GroupPrice
Adult ( 10 years and above)£20
Children ( 9 years and below)£15

London City Tour with VIP Access to Tower of London

This 4-hour Tower of London guided tour covers iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and a Thames River cruise.

Before the masses arrive, you are given a VIP Early Entrance to the Tower of London.

Witness the Changing of the Guard and take a guided walking tour from the embankment to Buckingham Palace.

The Opening Ceremony of the Castle is included with this ticket.

One of the Beefeaters gives you an English tour of the centuries-old castle.

What’s Included in this Tower of London VIP Ticket:

  • VIP Early Access to Tower of London, including opening ceremony (if option selected)
  • Guided Tour of the Tower of London
  • Tickets to the Tower of London
  • Boat ride on the River Thames
  • Guided walking tour from Embankment to Buckingham Palace
  • Expert, English-speaking tour guide
  • Headsets when appropriate, ensuring clear communication with the guide

Things to Know

  • Start time: 09:15; participants should arrive 15 minutes before the start.
  • Maximum group size: 25
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Fast Track entry
  • Live guide in English
  • Cancellation is possible until 24 hours before the visit.

London City with Tower of London Ticket Prices

Age GroupsPrice
Adult (15 years & above)£94.50
Child (5-14 years)£85.50
Infant (0-4 years)Free

The London City sightseeing tour, including the Tower of London, is another viable option for relaxing on a drive through the city and seeing the Bank of England.

But if you are in for a complete English experience, the best of London, including the Tower of London Changing of the Guard, with a cream tea or London Eye upgrade, should be on your bucket list.


How long is a guided tour of Tower of London?

The length of a guided tour of the Tower of London can vary depending on the specific package or type of tour chosen.

Typically, tower of london guided tour times range from one to two hours. It’s important to check the details of the selected tour to know its exact duration.

Can you get a guided tour of the Tower of London?

Yes, Tower of London Guided Tours are readily available.

These tours are led by expert guides who provide insights into the site’s historical significance, share stories about its various uses throughout history, and offer a deeper understanding of the Tower’s architecture and cultural importance.

Is a guided tour of Tower of London worth it?

Guided tours often provide a more immersive experience, offering detailed historical context, anecdotes, and the chance to ask questions.

A guided tour can enhance your visit if you are passionate about history and want a comprehensive understanding of the Tower.

How long do you need to tour the Tower of London?

The time needed to tour the Tower of London can vary based on the type of Tower of London Guided Tours and your pace.

Guided tours typically last one to two hours or sometimes more, offering a concise yet informative experience.

Tower of London self-guided tour allows visitors to explore at their own pace, so the duration is flexible and depends on the individual’s preferences.

Is the Tower of London a self-guided tour?

Yes, there are options for Tower of London self-guided tours.

Visitors can explore the historic grounds independently, using informative maps and audio guides.

This option allows for a more leisurely and personalized exploration of the Tower, allowing visitors to focus on specific areas of interest.

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