Rich Tapestry of Tower of London Exhibitions

The Tower of London, an iconic fortress on the banks of the River Thames, hosts many captivating exhibitions.

This tourist destination has many sensations– wonder, mystery, beauty and horror.

All of this is possible via the multiple experiences that this attraction offers. 

One of the Tower’s highly recommended experiences is the Tower of London Exhibitions.

Beyond its medieval walls and breathtaking views, visitors can engage in various displays that bring centuries of stories and treasures to life.

Choose which of these Tower of London Exhibitions suits your interests.

Tower of London Crown Jewels Exhibition

The Crown Jewels, a dazzling collection of royal treasures, are showcased in a dedicated exhibition within the Tower.

Visitors can see a dazzling display of royal treasures, like crowns and jewels worn by kings and queens for a long time.

Notably, it highlights the controversial Koh-i-noor and Cullinan diamonds, shedding light on how they became part of the British Crown.

Koh-i-noor Diamond

Line of Kings
Image: Hrp.org.uk

The Koh-i-noor diamond is displayed as a symbol of conquest.

It originally came from India and went through many rulers before ending up with the British in 1849.

The Tower of london crown jewels exhibition tells the complete story of this diamond.

Cullinan Diamond

The largest diamond found in South African mines, the Cullinan diamond, is another star of the Tower of london crown jewels exhibition.

It was given as a gift in 1907 and later used in King Charles’s coronation. The exhibition discusses its history and how it connects to British colonialism.

Imperial Crown of India:

The exhibition also looks at the Imperial Crown of India, made in 1911.

It’s full of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, and the materials came from India.

This part of the exhibition helps us understand the connection between the British Empire and India.

Interactive Elements

To make it more interesting, the exhibitions of the Tower of London use videos and projections to narrate the history of these jewels.

So, book your ticket for the Tower of London Crown Jewels adventure and Beefeater Welcome

Explore kings and queens’ treasures, including the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond.

Tower of London Poppy Exhibition

Royal Beasts
Image: CNN.com

One of the Tower’s most popular displays is the poppy exhibition, a moving tribute that honors the fallen soldiers of World War I.

The Tower of London Poppy Exhibition, also called “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,” happened from July to November 2014.

It had over 800,000 ceramic poppies to remember the soldiers who died in World War I. 

Visitors can witness the surroundings of the Tower transformed into a sea of red poppies, each representing a life lost during the war.

Artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper created this exhibition, which became famous, attracting millions of people.

The idea was to show the huge number of lives lost during the war by filling the Tower’s moat with poppies.

Even though the original exhibition ended in 2014, some parts were saved, and some poppies went on a tour.

The exhibition’s legacy continues, reminding us to remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives in wars.

Book your Tower of London tickets to discover the stories etched into the fortress’s walls.

Engage with interactive displays, explore the Poppies exhibitions, and be captivated by the allure of royal artifacts.

Tower of London Prisoners Exhibition

This exhibition sheds light on the stories of political prisoners, traitors, and captives who experienced the Tower’s infamous dungeons.

Let’s look closer at the Tower of London Prisoners Exhibition.

Imprisonment at the Tower:

The Imprisonment at the Tower exhibition is in the Beauchamp Tower at the Tower of London.

It tells us about people who were kept as prisoners there and what their experiences were like.

Diverse Prisoner Experiences:

The exhibition shows that prisoners had different experiences.

Some were kept in dark cells, while others had more freedom inside the Tower.

How prisoners were treated depended on the kind of crime they did and their importance.

Graffiti and Carvings:

Another exciting part is the graffiti and carvings in the Beauchamp Tower.

Prisoners like Robert Dudley and Thomas Abel left marks on the walls, which helps us feel connected to the history of the Tower.

Thematic Exploration:

The exhibition helps us understand imprisonment in the Tower more.

It talks about famous people like Elizabeth I, Guy Fawkes, Anne Boleyn, and the Krays who were imprisoned there.

It shows how the Tower was used as a state prison and shares different stories of those who were kept there. Know more.

Tower of London White Tower Exhibition

The Tower of London Remembers
Image: Theguardian.com

The White Tower Exhibition is in the middle of the Tower of London, telling us about the history of this iconic structure. Know more.

This Tower of London Exhibition explores themes like how the Tower changed over time and its connection to royalty.

It talks about how the Tower was built long ago and the different things it was used for, such as the Tower becoming a place for keeping animals.

This exhibition helps visitors understand the history inside the Tower’s central part.

One fascinating thing about the Tower of London White Tower Exhibition is the graffiti in the Beauchamp Tower.

This is where prisoners carved things on the walls. People like Robert Dudley and Thomas Abel left their marks, and it’s like an actual link to the Tower’s history.

To plan your visit efficiently, familiarize yourself with the Tower of London exhibition opening times.

The fortress is typically open to the public daily, but specific exhibition hours may vary.

Also, when purchasing tickets, consider options that include access to key exhibitions, such as the Tower of London ticket with Crown Jewels exhibition for a combined adventure.

Special Events of Tower of London Exhibitions

Coins and Kings
Image: Britannica.com

Beyond its regular exhibitions, the Tower of London annually hosts special events and entertainment programs.

From guided tours to seasonal festivities, these events offer visitors a chance to engage with the Tower’s history in unique and immersive ways.

Some of the famous Tower of London exhibitions are listed below:

Tower of London Light Exhibition

The Tower of London recently hosted a captivating Tower of London Light Exhibition.

This special light and sound show provides after-hours access to the Crown Jewels at the Tower.

This exhibition, called “Crown and Coronation,” turns the Tower into a beautiful display of lights and history.

The show is scheduled to take place from November 17 to November 25, 2023, with entry starting at 5 pm.

During the exhibition, the Tower of London turned into a big screen, showing the history of the world using lights.

For those unable to make it, the Tower of London Light Exhibition embarked on a UK-wide tour in 2024, allowing more people to experience this extraordinary presentation.

Keep an eye out for updates on the official Tower of london exhibition opening times.

Line of Kings

This 300-year-old attraction is the world’s longest-running visitor attraction and hosts the most popular exhibitions.

Located on the entrance floor of the White Tower, it displays arms, royal armor, wooden horses, figures of kings, etc.

So, if you are interested in the history of England, this is the right place for you.

Royal Beasts

If you ever read about the Tower of London, you will come across the fact that the Tower had a zoo of its own.

It was necessary because Kings used to exchange uncommon and unusual animals as gifts back then.

Thus, the Tower of London had to develop a place for its collection of wild animals. 

That’s when this menagerie came into existence.

Fun Fact: The three lions on the England football teams’ shirts were modeled after the three lions that Roman Emperor Frederick III gave to Henry III of England.

So, the Tower of London might be the perfect destination if you are looking for a muse. Buy tickets

Wellington’s Fortress 

The Duke of Wellington, who was appointed Constable of the Tower in 1826, was the subject of this London Tower exhibition. 

He is one of Britain’s most accomplished military leaders, renowned for modernizing the Fortress and elevating the army’s professionalism.

Coins and Kings 

Since its founding 500 years ago, the Royal Mint has been based in the Tower of London.

In this exhibition, you learn fascinating stories about British money.

You will learn about Elizabeth I’s efforts to fix the currency after her father’s interference and also about Isaac Newton’s attempts to clear London of forgers.

Torture at the Tower

You can tour this exhibition on inmates and their suffering at the Wakefield Tower’s base.

Visitors are allowed to view the torture techniques employed at the Tower of London, along with the instruments’ replicas.


This exhibition narrates stories about the evolution of the Tower and how it doubled up as a Fortress.

Learn about the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, where many peasants successfully invaded the Tower.

Tip: If you have checked out these exhibitions and plan to visit another nearby attraction, we’ve got your back.

People usually visit the Tower of London and The Tower Bridge on the same day since they are within walking distance.

Book the Tower of London and Tower Bridge early-access tour to see both attractions with one ticket.

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What is on display in the Tower of London?

The Tower of London boasts a diverse range of exhibitions that cater to different interests.

Some notable displays include the Crown Jewels Exhibition, the Poppy Exhibition, the Imprisonment at the Tower Exhibition, and the White Tower Exhibition.

These Tower of London Exhibitions cover everything from royal history, military leaders, World War I, and even the evolution of British currency.

What exhibits are at the Tower of London?

The Tower of London Exhibitions include the Crown Jewels Exhibition, the Poppy Exhibition, the Imprisonment at the Tower Exhibition, and the White Tower Exhibition.

The other famous Tower of London exhibitions include the Line of Kings, Royal Beasts, Wellington’s Fortress, Coins and Kings, Torture at the Tower, and Crowns through History and Fortress.

Each exhibition offers a unique perspective on the Tower’s rich history, from medieval times to more recent events.

How much does it cost to go to the Tower of London?

A Tower of London admission ticket costs £34 for adults (16 years & above) and £17 for children (5 to 15 years).

If you choose to include special exhibitions like the Crown Jewels, the Tower of london and Crown Jewels exhibition ticket price is £112 per person.

You can also check the prices of the combos for a budget-friendly option according to your preferences.

Where can I see the Kohinoor diamond in London?

The Koh-i-Noor diamond is prominently featured in the Tower of London Crown Jewels Exhibition.

This exhibition provides a detailed account of the diamond’s history, origins in India, and journey to becoming a symbol of conquest within the British Crown.

Can I visit the Tower of London for free?

The Tower of London usually requires paid admission for entry.

A Tower of London admission ticket costs £34 for adults (16 years & above) and £17 for children (5 to 15 years).

Remember that some exhibitions and special attractions within the Tower may have separate admission fees.

When does poppy exhibition at Tower of London end?

The original Tower of London Poppy Exhibition, officially known as “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,” occurred from July to November 2014.

The exhibition featured over 800,000 ceramic poppies, representing a life lost during World War I.

The specific end date of the exhibition was November 11, 2014, which is also Armistice Day.

While the original installation has concluded, some parts of the exhibition were preserved, and individual poppies went on tour. 

Now, these poppies are being sold, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your hands on these precious parts of England’s history. Buy Poppies.

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