The Fusilier Museum London: Venture Into Royal Military Past

The Tower of London, his Majesty’s Royal Palace, is a grand castle spread over 12 acres( 4.9 hectares). 

Starting with just a few structures as a symbol of power and authority, along with the functional purpose of protecting the area on this side of the River Thames, the Tower of London changed greatly in its thousand-year-old history. 

Kings and queens subsequently expanded the tower. As with expansion and time, its original aim and purpose changed drastically. 

As a result, it is not just another beautiful castle but a living embodiment of British and Royal History, encapsulating numerous fascinating tales. 

For guests, this means that you have plenty of beautiful sights to explore. From the famous Jewel House to the various exhibitions, new stories are always to be uncovered. 

One hidden gem often brushed aside in lieu of other popular attractions within the castle is the Fusilier Museum London. 

Let’s jump in and learn everything in detail about the Tower of London Fusilier Museum and why you must make a quick pit stop to check it out.

Do You Have to Purchase a Separate Ticket for the Fusilier Museum London? 

No, visitors don’t need to purchase a separate ticket to check out the Fusilier Museum London. 

The Fusilier Museum London is within the Tower of London and can be explored with any Tower of London tickets that give you access to the premises. 

However, visitors should plan smartly to explore this vast castle. Consider things like how long to spend and the best time to visit before purchasing the Tower of London Tickets. 

 We highly recommend getting the Tower of London Guided Tour to explore this historic place. 

What is the Royal Fusilier Museum Tower in London? 

The Fusilier Museum London is a historical museum based at the Tower of London, in a building originally designed as Officer’s Living Quarters. 

The building still houses the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers’ Regimental Headquarters and the Officer’s Mess. It is now used for formal dinners and ceremonial occasions. 

The Fusilier Museum London tells the story of the British Infantry Regiment from its formation to today. Know about the Tower of London Map for easy navigation inside the castle. 

The Fusilier Museum London was established in 1962. It was primarily built to preserve the growing collection of historical items owned by the regiment. 

History of the Royal Fusiliers’ Regiment

History of the Royal Fusilier's Regiment
Image: Wikipedia.org

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was formed on the 20th June 1685 by James II through an issue of a Royal Warrant. 

The infantry was raised from the existing Tower of London Garrison. Hence, it goes way back to the history of the Royal Armouries, too.

The first Commanding Officer was the Constable of the Tower. The Fusiliers originally intended to guard the guns at the Tower of London.  

However, their role gradually changed as the force later fought in Belgium, Spain and in the American War of Independence. 

Thus, it has a long and rich history with plenty of fascinating stories inseparable from royal and British history. 

The Majority of the Royal Fusiliers moved to Hounslow in 1881 after being based at the Tower of London for nearly 200 years. 

The regiment returned in 1949 for 11 years. During this time, single soldiers were barracked in the Waterloo Block while married men and their families lived in houses within the Tower. 

After this, the Tower became the home of the Royal Fusiliers TA Regiment and remains the Regimental Headquarters. 

Today, garrison duties are undertaken by the Yeoman Warders and a rota comprising three London District regiments.

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Visitors must get the London City Pass to unlock all of the prominent attractions with just one pass, allowing you to save significant money. 

What to Explore at the Tower of London Fusilier Museum? 

The Tower of London Fusilier Museum is a time capsule that will teleport you back in time with its immaculately well-preserved exhibits. 

Visitors can explore the museum’s significant collection, including 12 Victoria Cross Medals won by the regiment, the uniform, and the bearskin of King George V. 

One of the highlights of the museum is the Eagle Standard of the 82nd Regiment of the French Line Captured by the Royal Fusiliers during the Napoleonic Wars. 

The Fusilier Museum London interprets these historical items for the public. 

Apart from this, a sizable collection of beautiful oil paintings makes the museum exhibitions unique and varied. 

Many oil paintings are portraits of the former Colonels of the Regiment and are a visual record. 

Apart from the portraits, a few landscape paintings depict varied scenery, such as town squares, coasts, and more. 

The Fusiliers Museum London’s charm lies in its rich history, which runs closely to royal and British history.

Suppose you are a fan of history, especially military or British history. In that case, you will absolutely love the museum with its ornate and authentic memorabilia displayed as exhibits. 

Apart from this, this is equally recommended for art lovers. Visitors who like to browse paintings will also be keenly interested in the Fusilier Museum Tower of London. 

Top Tower of London Tickets

Getting the Guided Tower of London tickets is the most sensible decision to explore an attraction with such historical significance and background. 

The charm of the Tower of London and its various areas of interest lies in its rich and fascinating history. 

Visitors will be able to appreciate the outer beauty of the Tower of London and learn about its historical significance. There are plenty of Tower of London Guided tickets to pick from. 

Early Access Tower of London Guided Tour With Beefeater

Early Access Tower of London Guided Tour with Beefeater
Image: GetYourGuide.com

One of the Cheapest Guided Tower of London tickets is available for visitors. Explore the vast Tower of London with an expert guide to unravel the vivid royal and British history. 

Another benefit of this Tower of London ticket is Early Access, which lets you explore the castle before the crowd arrives. 

Thus, you don’t have to worry about finding the best time to visit. The Yeoman Warder tour is another perk of this Tower of London Guided Tour.

Meet the Yeoman Warders and learn about the traditions of these elite guardsmen, who were historically responsible for the prisoners.


  • Adult tickets (15 years and above) – £72 (US $90)
  • Children’s tickets (5 years to 14 years) – £67 (US $85) 
  • Infant tickets (up to 4 years) – Free 

Tower of London Private Guided Tour 

Tower Of London Private Guided Tour
Image: Viator.com

The Tower of London private guided tour ensures ample time inside the castle to explore. 

You will also get a personalized tour with an expert guide, revealing the well-kept hidden stories and facts about the Tower of London.

This is perfect for people who want to witness the beauty of this grand castle and understand its significance.


  • Adult tickets (15 years and above) – £243 (US $564)
  • Children’s tickets (5 years to 14 years) – £24 (US $30) 
  • Infant tickets (up to 4 years) – Free 

Tower of London and Tower Bridge Early-Access Tour 

Tower of London and Tower Bridge Early Access Tour
Image: GetYourGuide.com

The Tower of London Combo tickets are an excellent value proposition, allowing visitors to explore two or more attractions with one pass and save money. 

The Tower Bridge and its history are closely tied to the Tower of London, so exploring them together will give you a complete experience. 

Enjoy skip-the-line access to the Tower of London alongside your expert guide, followed by a Royal Beefeaters Opening Ceremony. 

Enter the Victorian Engine Rooms and an amazing Tower Bridge Experience to learn about its history and association with the Tower of London. 


  • Adult tickets (13 years and above)- £132 (US $167)
  • Children tickets (4 years to 12 years) – £127 (US $160) 
  • Infant tickets (up to 3 years) – Free 

Note: Visitors looking to explore more of London and its many attractions must opt for the various sightseeing bus tours. Another highly recommended activity is the Thames River Cruise, which allows visitors to witness the near-shore attractions from the water with a different perspective. There are many options, such as the Westminster to Tower Bridge Thames River Cruise, 24-hours hop-on-hop-off Sightseeing River Cruise and more. 


What regiment is based at the Tower of London?

The Tower of London has a rich royal and military history. The building still houses the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. 

The Fusiliers’ Regimental Headquarters and the Officers’ mess is still at the Tower of London, used for formal dinners and ceremonial occasions. 

The Fusiliers’ Regiment was raised by James II by an issue of a Royal Warrant on the 20th of June 1685.

What is the Fusilier Museum London?

The tower of London Fusiliers’ Museum is a military and historical museum within the Tower of London that tells the story of the Fusiliers’ Regiment from its beginning to the present day. 

Visitors can check out this Royal Regiment’s rich and fascinating history to explore a lesser-known side of royal history. 

The list of exhibits goes beyond just the numerous historical and military objects related to the regiment. From uniforms, arms and armor to beautiful oil paintings, there is plenty to explore.

Featured Image: Facebook.com(TheFusilierMuseumLondon)

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