Our Team

The Tower of london team at Vacatis is a group of passionate travel enthusiasts dedicated to making your travel experience unforgettable.

We aim to provide you with everything you need to know before visiting Tower of london, so there are no surprises and disappointments.

We are proud of the diverse backgrounds and skill sets of our Vacatis team members.

Our team speaks multiple languages, and we have a deep understanding of different cultures and travel styles.

Team Members


Harshitha’s heart lies where greeny mountains meet stretches of beach. She believes getting lost is the best way to explore


Om is a passionate wordsmith fueled by an insatiable thirst for adventure and exploration.He strives to immortalize wonders via his writing.


Aashima is an avid traveler who seeks out thrills and lives a simple, peaceful life.bright clear skies are her calling.


Swanzal lives for solo backpacking across Europe at the top of her bucket list, reliving the history of each city she visits.


Suman is an aesthete who loves seeing mountains and old buildings, walking through cobblestone streets, with his camera to capture it all.


Priyanka loves exploring new places with her loved ones. The rustic charm of quaint little towns in the countryside entices her.


Beyond his commitment to the organization, Aniket enjoys embarking on solo adventures to explore uncharted territories and discover the magnificent world outside.

Harleen kour

 Harleen believes in learning through experiences. She is always up for adventures small or big, that make her circle the globe.

Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek is an ever-so-curious traveler! He believes the world has a lot to offer when it comes to breathtaking locations or cuisines.


Jamshed V Rajan

For Jamshed, travel is a like the Pandora’s box calling for him to unlock and uncover the wonders that it holds inside.