How Long to Spend at Tower of London

The Tower of London covers 18 acres (7 hectares) and is steeped in history.

The minimum time needed for Tower of London is 90 minutes if you want to rush through the entire premises.

This travel guide will answer how long to spend at Tower of London, the wait times and tour duration.

Time needed for Tower of London:

On average, travelers spend two to three hours exploring this iconic fortress of London.

During these hours, you can check out must-see attractions like the White Tower, Crown Jewels, and Tower Green of the London Tower. 

If you want to explore independently, purchase the Self-guided audio tour to the Tower of London, which takes 40 minutes to two hours.

If you are with a small group, choose The Tower of London small group Tour with a local expert. This tour lasts for two to three hours.

You must also know how long can you stay inside the Tower of London if you purchase an entry ticket to the attraction.

You can spend an entire day exploring different sections of London Tower once you have purchased a ticket and entered the grounds.

Tower of London Wait Times

If you haven’t purchased a Tower of London ticket in advance, you may need to wait in huge lines outside the ticket counter.

This will increase your overall time needed for Tower of London exploration. 

The Tower of London wait times can vary from 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the day of the weekend and tourist season. Learn about the best time to visit the Tower of London.

So, book your Tower of London tickets online and spend most of your precious time within the premises of the Castle rather than outside waiting in lines.

Know more about the benefits of booking Tower of London tickets online and cutting down Tower of London wait times.

Average Time Spent at the Tower of London by Enthusiasts and History Lovers:

Another factor that answers how long does it take to tour the Tower of London is your enthusiasm and interest. 

If you are interested in history and architecture and wish to delve deeper into the exhibits and stories, consider dedicating four to five hours. 

This extra time will allow you to explore the various interactive exhibits, guided tours by the Yeoman Warders, have a private audience with Beefeater Tour, spend time at the Tower of London ice rink, etc.

There is also the Tower of London Crown Jewels exhibition ticket, which will get you entry to the Tower and the exhibition.

If you want to attend events like “the Ceremony of Keys“ or the “Superbloom Tower of London,” consider spending over three hours. 

Tower of London Tour Hours

Tower of London ticketTour of London Tour HoursAdult Price
Royal London: Tower of London, Changing of the Guard and Thames Cruise 4 hours £105
Group Tower of London Tour with Expert Guide2 to 3 hours£130
Tower of London and Crown Jewels Exhibition TicketValid for 1 day£130
Tower of London and Tower Bridge Early-Access Tour3 hours£115
Tower of London Private Guided Tour2 hours £390
Tower of London and Thames River Cruise2.5 hours£74


How long does it take to explore the Tower of London?

There are many things to explore, see and learn inside the Tower of London. Thus, the Tower of London tour times vary for different people.

The average amount of time spent at the Tower of London by most visitors is approximately 2-3 hours.

There is plenty to see from the Crown Jewels room and ice rink to the various Tower of London stores for buying souvenirs.

Is 2 hours enough for Tower of London?

The time needed to tour the Tower of London depends on various factors, including the tour you have opted for. 

Generally, 2 hours is the average time spent at the Tower of London. However, you shouldn’t rush as there is a lot to see. 

It is thus recommended you spend at least 3 hours at the Tower of London.

Featured Image: Hrp.org.uk

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